Caddo River Conditions

usgs gauge link: Click and scroll down to the third graph for current height in ft. 

The route we will be using that day is based on current level.  detailed descriptions are below. 

USGS Gauge near Caddo Gap

Caddo Gap to Glenwood 7.5 miles 3-6 hours. available when water levels are between 5.25 to 7.0 ft. as described in more detail below:  

Typical Range: 5.25 - 5.4 ft. 4-6 hours

There are some rocks to navigate around. This is ideal for inexperienced boaters and families. Anything in this range is still floatable, but pack light! 

Optimum: 5.5 - 6.1ft. 3-5 hours

Best Range for Caddo Gap. Great paddling, few rocks, more boat control up to 650 cf/s. RAFTS become fun at this level and higher!

High: 6.2 -7.0 ft 2-3 hours

Rafts are fun at these levels! When the discharge climbs above 650 cf/s, we caution against taking children in canoes or kayaks. Experience and skill in swift water paddling becomes more essential. The sit-on-top kayaks become a safer and better choice than canoes in this range.

7.1+ ft. Advanced Skills Needed

Restricted rentals, if at all. At flows above 1,200 cf/s, it is a fast paced float for those with advanced or expert whitewater skills only due to tricky currents, strainers, and other potential hazards that demand instant decision making and quick reflexes. Rapids are washed out above 7.50.

Flood over 7.3 ft. –NO RENTALS!

The river is getting into flood plain and running through dense strainers. Cross currents become very powerful. Correct route is most important.  No general rentals go out at this level. 

LOW WATER Route: Best for levels below 5.2 ft.

Baker Rock Alternate Low water Route 4 miles:

2-4 hours depending on water level. This route is best  for river levels between 4.8 - 5.25 ft. 

This route is deeper and wider and is still a good trip when the upper route becomes too low to enjoy.  

Families with small children and fishermen who want to play and fish more than paddle, enjoy this stretch. 

This route does requires an additional $5 per boat landowner access fee.


ALTERNATE ROUTES: *Available when pre-arranged*

Amity 182 Route: 8 miles

3.5-7 hours depending on water level. This is available on weekdays. Just give us a call early in the day. This route is not an option on Saturdays during peak season (Memorial-Labor Day) or on holidays and/or holiday weekends. This route has a higher shuttle price.

Glenwood to Deer Ridge: 2 miles

This is our tube route. It can be utilized for canoes and kayaks when wanting a short/quick trip. This can accommodate a later launch time of up to 3:45 PM -if pre-arranged (return times are the same). It is our shortest trip but works nicely for fishermen wanting a late afternoon fishing trip or for a family with small children who just need a very short time on the water.

Norman to Caddo Gap: 15.5 miles

This route is only available when the gage is reading at or above 6.2 ft.It is best for experienced kayakers without children. This route cannot be scheduled much in advance and is only available a day or 2 after a good rain.