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Caddo River Camping & Canoe Rental Inc.

26 Hwy 8 East, Glenwood, AR 71943, us

(870) 356-5336



QUESTION: "I have my own boat or tube. Why can't I use your facilities for free? Why can't I park on your property for free?"

ANSWER: Caddo River Camping & Canoe is a privately owned, for-profit facility. All property & business expenses are paid from those fees. We do not receive any public funds. We pay multiple costly expenses to make our facilities available for our paying customers/guests to utilize. Expenses include land payments, insurance, lawn care, road and bank maintenance, electricity, water, supplies, payroll, taxes (property, sales, income), fuel, shuttle insurance, vehicle up-keep, tires, vehicle insurance, and more. If you don't want to pay for the use of our private properties, facilities, and services here, there are multiple FREE PUBLIC access locations available! We have listed the ones in our area below. They are FREE to you, supported by your tax dollars.


NORMAN Public Access (N 34° 27' 34.10" / W 093° 41' 35.19") off State Highway 8 in Norman on river left.

CADDO GAP Public Access (N 34° 24' 00.44" / W 093° 37' 18.58") on river left. On Manfred Rd. In Caddo Gap, Arkansas. There is a GREEN AG&F sign that says "SWINGING BRIDGE"

GLENWOOD CITY PARK Public Access (N 34° 19' 14.06" / W 093° 32' 29.47") on 3rd Street in Glenwood, Arkansas, south of US Hwy. 70. Take-out on river left at the little City Park AFTER the Trestle that crosses over the river.

AMITY: State Highway 182 (N 34° 17' 24.15" / W 093° 27' 31.48") north of Amity on river right just below bridge.