We are a small locally owned and operated business that is feeling the strain of today’s uncertainties like many others in our community and world. During this extraordinary time, we did close our business for over 5 weeks (March 26- May 3) to help flatten the curve & provide our medical community time to prepare for dealing with this on-going virus. 

We still believe being in the outdoors with fresh air and sunshine, camping, fishing, hiking, and staying in clean secluded cabins are some of the activities that we can all do WITH SOME ADVANCE PLANNING AND SOCIAL DISTANCING PRACTICES that help keep us all safer from asymptomatic spread during the Phase 1 re-openings. We want to be OPEN and feel it is important to handle this 1st phase of re-opening with diligence and care toward one another. 

We do plan to RE-OPEN ON MAY 4th with the following new practices in place to keep us, our guests and our workers safer. 

1.  We are keeping limited office staff to get necessary guest information completed by phone, on-line, and/or drive-up payments rather than groups crowding into our small store to check in as we have in the past. 

2.  We are practicing preventative measures such as frequent hand-washing AND MASK WEARING when the 6 OR MORE ft. distance cannot be maintained. Guests will also need to wear masks anytime the 6 ft distance cannot be maintained while here.

3.  We are cleaning “high-touch” areas and surfaces with disinfectant after each use. This includes paddles, vests, watercraft, and shuttles.

4.  We will not transport more than 10 guests at any one time. We will insist on mask-wearing on our shuttles. This protects everyone from potential asymptomatic spread. If you do not come prepared to wear a mask during transport, we will be unable to accommodate you. Please bring your own bandana or mask and be prepared to wear if/when necessary.

What you can do to help us stay open

1.  PHONE to reserve and pay in ADVANCE.

2.  Bring your own mask and wear it anytime you are unable to maintain MORE than 6 ft distance from staff or other guests. 

3.  Please advance plan to arrive early or on-time. We are having to plan shuttles to manage less than 10 people/shuttle and disinfecting between shuttles. If you arrive late and miss your reserved shuttle time, there are no guarantees another slot.

We remain dynamic and will modify our plans as the circumstances and mandates dictate. 

 OFFICE PHONE: (870) 356-5336